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  • Fastrack Women's Watch-SWD90064PP01

    Tk. 7,970
  • Fastrack Women's Loopholes Analog Silver…

    Tk. 6,200
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6163KL02

    Tk. 7,095

    Tk. 5,960

    16% OFF
  • Fastrack Analog Red Dial Women's Watch-N…

    Tk. 6,800

    Tk. 5,848

    14% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6176KM19

    Tk. 6,495

    Tk. 5,846

    10% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Loopholes Analog Silver…

    Tk. 5,800
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6176KL28

    Tk. 5,790
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6163KM02

    Tk. 5,660
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SL11

    Tk. 5,497
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6145QM01

    Tk. 5,393
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6163KL01

    Tk. 5,313
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6176KM14

    Tk. 5,395

    Tk. 5,180

    4% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Adrenaline Junkie Analo…

    Tk. 5,100
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6167NL01

    Tk. 5,010
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6138SM01

    Tk. 4,928
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6138SL02

    Tk. 4,895
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6167NM01

    Tk. 6,495

    Tk. 4,807

    26% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Analog Blue Dial Watch-…

    Tk. 4,800
  • Fastrack Women's Analog Silver Dial Watc…

    Tk. 4,700
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6168NM01

    Tk. 6,295

    Tk. 4,659

    26% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6093SM01

    Tk. 4,651
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6145SM01

    Tk. 4,531
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-6167SM01

    Tk. 6,095

    Tk. 4,511

    26% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Brown Dial Analog Watch…

    Tk. 4,500
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM02

    Tk. 4,450
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM05

    Tk. 4,427
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM04

    Tk. 4,427
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM06

    Tk. 4,427
  • Fastrack Women's Black Dial Analog Watch…

    Tk. 4,427
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM01

    Tk. 4,427
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6095SL03

    Tk. 4,249
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6095SL01

    Tk. 4,249
  • Fastrack Women's Fits & Forms Analog Bla…

    Tk. 4,249
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6015SM02

    Tk. 4,247
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6015SM01

    Tk. 4,247
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6134SM02

    Tk. 4,795

    Tk. 4,220

    12% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6131SM02

    Tk. 4,189
  • Fastrack Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch-…

    Tk. 4,189
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6131SM01

    Tk. 4,189
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6134SM01

    Tk. 4,160
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SL06

    Tk. 4,159
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SL05

    Tk. 4,159
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6098NL01

    Tk. 4,125
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6109SM03

    Tk. 4,113
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6109SM02

    Tk. 4,113
  • FASTRACK Women's Animal Instinct Analog …

    Tk. 4,113
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6078SM03

    Tk. 5,395

    Tk. 4,101

    24% OFF
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6147NM01

    Tk. 4,096
  • Fastrack Women's Mineral Cocktail Analog…

    Tk. 4,096
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6134KL01

    Tk. 4,060
  • Fastrack Women's Pink Dial Analog Watch-…

    Tk. 4,027
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6046SM02

    Tk. 4,027
  • Fastrack Women's Bare Basics Analog Watc…

    Tk. 4,019
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6162SM01

    Tk. 4,019
  • Fastrack Women's Analog Black Dial Watch…

    Tk. 4,019
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6162SL01

    Tk. 4,019
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6157SM01

    Tk. 4,017
  • FASTRACK Women's Analog Watch - NG6123SM…

    Tk. 4,013
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6123SM01

    Tk. 4,013
  • Fastrack Women's Watch-NK6122SM01

    Tk. 4,013

Items 1 to 60 of 97 total

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Watch is a fashionable thing for both men and women. We also need a watch to see the times when we need to. Women like to use watches that match with women clothing and personality. However, the wristwatch is the common thing which is available in shops. People buy watches according to their budget, brands, etc. Women watches are stylish and beautiful to look at. In, you will find a huge collection of women watches from well-known brands and also the watches of local brands. This collection will help you to buy a watch for you or your beloved one to gift her.

Ladies watch in Bangladesh

For women, there are many types of ladies watches. Variety of colors, shapes, designs, brands which are changing according to the fashion of the people. Sometimes many women’s choose ladies hand bags with matching watch. Casual, sports, digital, formal are types of watches. Let’s see which brands are available in for women.


Fastrack is a well-known sub-brand of Titan watch. Now the ladies watches of Fastrack brand are available in A huge collection of stylish ladies watch both casual and formal is present here. Fastrack watches are durable, reliable and fashionable worldwide. Though the price is a little bit high, you will be amazed at the beauty of these women watches in Bangladesh. Both material and leather watches are available. These watches can be the best gift for your near one. As you will find a lot of colors, you can choose one that matches with your clothes, bag or shoes. Make a matching is now easy for you.


Huawei brings the Android-based smartwatch. It is a global company. It is most famous for Android devices. This China Company brings fashionable smartwatch in Bangladesh. Huawei watches have 1.4 inches screen, the good quality processor and big internal storage. Nowadays, the smartwatch is becoming popular because, with a smartwatch, you can make a call, listen to music, send SMS, watch the video and do some other activities. However, if you have decided to buy a smartwatch, you can visit This website brings beautiful smartwatches of Huawei for women.


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Skmei Watch

Skmei is another well-known watch brand in most of the online store. This company brings all kinds of wristwatches for women such as the smartwatch, metal watch, digital watch, stylish casual watch, leather watch. In, you will find a great collection of Skmei watches of different colors and styles. Those who are looking for matching and guarantee, these watches are waiting for their order.


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