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Salwar Kameez

26 Item(s)

  • Unstitched One Piece-AB-002

    Tk. 1,120
  • Unstitched Two Piece-AB-004

    Tk. 1,960
  • Unstitched Two Piece-AB-005

    Tk. 1,820
  • Unstitched Two Piece-AB-003

    Tk. 1,820
  • Unstitched Two Piece-AB-001

    Tk. 1,820
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EBH-N-007

    Tk. 2,100
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EBH-N-004

    Tk. 2,100
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EFHS-N-05

    Tk. 2,240
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EFHS-N-04

    Tk. 2,240
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EFHS-N-03

    Tk. 2,240
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EFHS-N-02

    Tk. 2,240
  • Unstitched Two Piece-EFHS-N-01

    Tk. 2,240
  • Unstitched Cotton Three Piece-ASUS-R-05

    Tk. 2,800
  • Unstitched Cotton Three Piece-ASUS-R-04

    Tk. 2,800
  • Three Piece Salwar Kameez-NOB-06

    Tk. 1,260
  • Two Piece Salwar Kameez-NOB-03

    Tk. 1,260
  • Two Piece Salwar Kameez-NOB-01

    Tk. 1,260
  • Unstitched Three Piece-PPGMUS-N-4

    Tk. 2,590
  • Unstitched Three Piece-PPGMUS-N-3

    Tk. 2,590
  • Unstitched Three Piece-PPGMUS-N-2

    Tk. 2,590
  • Unstitched Three Piece-PPGMUS-N-1

    Tk. 2,590
  • Unstitched Three Piece-NHS-R-05

    Tk. 3,010
  • Unstitched Three Piece-NHS-R-04

    Tk. 3,010
  • Semi Stitch Kameez-NH-SH-20

    Tk. 2,660
  • Semi Stitch Kameez-NH-SH-19

    Tk. 2,450
  • Semi Stitch Kameez-NH-SH-18

    Tk. 2,800

26 Item(s)

Buy best salwar kameez from Bagdoom online shop at Bangladesh

Long or short kameez, smooth or printed, tight or with volume, learn what type of kameez. Measure length, shape, and color and flavor you according to your curves. The most feminine garment together in the dresses is the salwar kameez. Not all kameez s feel good to all women, but every woman does feel good about a type of kameez. Choose the best salwar kameez in Bangladesh that favors you according to your body.

Salwar Kameez Collection in Bangladesh

An extensive collection of salwar kameez in Bangladesh available in online bd shop Various types of salwar kameez like cotton, printed, un-stitched, & more also We included all details of Kurti Bangladesh. Choose any one according to your body shape and brands. The prices are also low.

Long kameez

It has always been said that long kameezes bd are exclusively for tall girls. I disagree with this opinion. Long kameez will favor the most is a tall woman who can even afford to wear a flat shoe.

If you have a medium / low stature and you like this type of kameez and other women clothing in Bangladesh, you can wear them, you have to avoid wearing a model that is at the hip (shorten your height), bet on a model that marks the waist and create an optical effect that will stylize you

If you have done with a hip model, you can wear it with a shirt/shirt as I do in the photo, mark the waist with a thin belt and you will create this effect. And if this last case is yours, take it with a heel or wedges.

Flared kameez

This type of kameez suitable for high waist girls. It will help you look longer. To increase this effect, wear them with a heel. 

If you have thick ankles, discard the minis and bet on kameez s of this type that is at the knee.

If you want to disguise hips and fingers this is your garment, also if you have front pockets or pleats, much better

Tube kameez

If you are thin and want to exaggerate your curves, bet on narrow tubes kameez and if you want an extra voluptuousness that is also stamped. 

If you like this type of kameezes, but you are not too thin, bet on tube kameez bd in dark and smooth colors and not exceeding the knee.

These types of kameez are spectacular in people who have long and thin legs. If it is not your case, opt for measures that are not too short or tight and wear them with tight stockings and heels. If you have thick legs, discard these garments also you can check the fashionable tops and gowns.

Salwar kameez price in Bangladesh 

In Bagdoom you can find salwar kameez in the range of starting price Tk. 500 to 10000 BDT. If you want quality kameez at a reasonable price, onuskar and shop sale are best for you. They offer good quality clothes in the range of 1000 to 4000 BDT.

Final thought,

Do you like the salwar kameez in Bangladesh? I highly recommend it especially as clothing for the summer. But be careful, if you wear one in the summer heat, and then go back to classic western trousers or even better jeans. You'll probably experience some annoyance and want to go back to salwar kameez!