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    Piaggio Vespa 150 cc Scooter (Italy) VXL…

    Tk. 245,000

    Tk. 185,000

    24% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Piaggio Vespa 125 cc Scooter (Italy) VXL…

    Tk. 223,000

    Tk. 170,000

    24% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Piaggio Vespa 125 cc Scooter (Italy) LX …

    Tk. 177,000

    Tk. 155,000

    12% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Piaggio Vespa 125 cc Scooter SXL 125 (It…

    Tk. 233,000

    Tk. 176,000

    24% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Piaggio Vespa (Italy) 150cc Scooter SXL …

    Tk. 255,000

    Tk. 191,000

    25% OFF

5 Item(s)

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Bike Price in Bangladesh Buy Online at

As a developing country in Bangladesh Motorbike is one of the best ways to go and time-saving vehicles of all time. To avoid traffic jam motorbike rides are time convenient but it's not suitable for everyone and not always affordable. Being a motorbike rider isn't an easy thing to do. With experience, riders improve their skills. Having a motorbike affects your personality too. Owning a motorbike makes you cool and saves your extra cost of vehicle fares every day. You can go anywhere, anytime with your loving bike.

Bike in Bangladesh

The motorcycle has become essential for time-saving feature and people can reach their respective workplaces on the right time. Because of this time convenient feature bike is getting popular in Bangladesh day by day.

There are many branded and prices motorcycle available at the online market place and the quality bike price in Bangladesh range starts with minimum 1,15,000tk to upwards depending on brand and mileage. Motorcycle prices vary with brands and models.

There are many top branded motorbike in Bangladesh like as SUZUKI, PIAGGIO, APRILIA, PIAGGIO VESPA & more famous branded bike in BD available at with reasonable price and offer. So you can select the brand & model easily.

Suzuki Bike Bangladesh

There are lots of Suzuki bike Bangladesh Models available such as Gixxer, Intruder, Let's, Access, Hayate. Gixxer model has lots of variety. Their mileage is pretty good, from 125cc to 155cc. Let's and Access both models are a scooter in Bangladesh. Those who are looking for Suzuki scooters these two models are perfect according to choice. Milage is 112cc - 124cc. Price is very reasonable of these two scooter bikes. Suzuki Intruder BD is suitable for cruiser bikers with 154.9 ccs. Gixxer model has bikes for 2 riders. Sports bikers and standard bikers may look for Gixxer for their desired bike. For beginners, Suzuki Hayate will be the best choice. It has the mileage of 112cc which is more than enough for beginner bikers. Sports bikers may look for Suzuki bike in Bangladesh Slingshot plus as well. With the milage of 124cc is a good choice for this model.

The price range of Suzuki Bike Bangladesh starts from Tk. 1,14,490 to Tk. 3,25,00. has up to 7% discount on few Suzuki Models as Gixxer, Intruder, Let's, Access and Hayate.

Vespa Bike Bangladesh

Are you a vintage lover? Or do you want to relive those vintage days? Then Piaggio Vespa is the perfect choice for you. Vespa is basically a scooter Bangladesh. Piaggio Vespa has good mileage of 125cc-150cc. Piaggio Vespa is originated in Italy and manufactured in India. Vespa has different models too. Also, price starts from Tk. 177,000 to Tk. 245,000 and up to 25% discount on Piaggio Vespa so Don't forget to Grab your desired Vespa from for some extra savings.

Aprilla Bike Bangladesh

Are you a scooter lover? Or you're looking for a budget-friendly vehicle which will provide you with a convenient place for parking? Scooter bike is a great choice.

Like Vespa, Piaggio Aprilla is one kind of scooter bike among tons. It has the mileage of 125-155cc. If you're planning to buy one and thinking of saving money too, is offering up to 24% discount on Aprilla bike Bangladesh price range is from Tk. 189,000 to Tk. 240,000 so If you can kill two birds with one stone with this availing offer.

0% EMI on Bike Bangladesh

All of these bike brands have 0% EMI and cash back up to 13,000tk with a gift voucher as well. If you're thinking of killing two birds with one stone then these bike offers are for you. Grab your desired bike at a convenient price.

To buy a bike, you must check your physique, ability, and strength as well. These things should never be overlooked while buying a bike.

While buying a bike, point out the essentials of your need. The reason for your purchasing should be valid. The budget for the bike should be perfect and ensured by the buyer. Once the criteria are matched, you're ready to buy your bike.

Guide to Care

You're not only done after buying your bike. Taking care of it makes it more usable. Check out your batteries and engine regularly. Servicing your bike regularly keeps your beast in a good condition. Check your tires too if they have any problems. Keep the air filter clean always. Check if the clutch is adjusted properly. Always maintain the transmission system. Keep your bike clean always. Don't forget to maintain your brakes, changes in break might be dangerous while riding. Keep your bike's fork and fork oil clean regularly. Check the sprockets when needed.

Weekly Maintenance

Weekly maintenance of your bike BD is perfect for the long run. Do a monthly check if any problem occurs. Annual maintenance is as important as regular maintenance. While owning a motorbike, maintenance is essential. Improper maintenance is never good for the long run and can cause internal harm. Caring a little of your bike won't harm the system rather will do well on it. No matter what kind of biker you are or whatever the brand you're owning, regular maintenance will only give your bike a perfect look and will make you a good biker as well.

In Nutshell

Here's the total idea of do's and want’s while buying a bike. Acknowledging proper information before purchasing a bike in Bangladesh makes you smart and saves your time as well. Ask more if you're confused with anything while buying your beast. Make sure your purchase is from a perfect place whether it's online or offline. The physical store is always a better choice but online purchasing saves a lot of time also money so you can choose online as your purchasing spot.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the deals at the time of eid collection bd 2019 and get your desired motorbike at a good price from the best online marketplace