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  • Travel Eye Mask Pillow 3 in 1

    Tk. 115
  • Brain Relaxed Massage Pillow-001

    Tk. 830
  • Himalaya Wellness Pure Herbs Yashtimadhu…

    Tk. 1,550

    Tk. 1,395

    10% OFF
  • Himalaya Hair Zone

    Tk. 1,550

    Tk. 1,395

    10% OFF
  • Systema Mouth Wash 250ml

    Tk. 280

    Tk. 247

    12% OFF
  • Systema Toothpaste 160gm

    Tk. 227

    Tk. 200

    12% OFF
  • SALZ Toothbrush

    Tk. 115

    Tk. 101

    12% OFF
  • Kirei Kirei-Hand Wash Soap- 250ml

    Tk. 475

    Tk. 418

    12% OFF
  • Kirei Kirei-Waterless Hand Wash- 50ml

    Tk. 148

    Tk. 129

    13% OFF
  • Brain Relaxed Massage Pillow

    Tk. 780
  • Beard oil for Men

    Tk. 700

    Tk. 567

    19% OFF
  • Anti-Radiation & Energy Saver Chip

    Tk. 650
  • Toothpick- Container

    Tk. 35
  • Paper Napkin-13"X13" 1ply X 100pcs (Whit…

    Tk. 48
  • Toilet Tissue- Gold

    Tk. 25
  • Toilet Tissue- White

    Tk. 17
  • Facial Tissue-120X2ply=240 Sheet Flat(W/…

    Tk. 52
  • Facial Tissue-100X2ply=200 Sheet Flat(W/…

    Tk. 46
  • Facial Tissue-60X2ply=120 Sheet Flat (W/…

    Tk. 37
  • Anti Pollution and Anti Dust Mask

    Tk. 60
  • IHW W.Scale Bathroom Scale- Off- Blue

    Tk. 1,350
  • Foot Massage Slipper-H077

    Tk. 1,250
  • Glory Adult Diaper-10 Pcs-H073

    Tk. 1,550
  • Rubberised Cotton Air Pillow-H071

    Tk. 480
  • Home Car Infrared Heating Body Massager-…

    Tk. 1,750
  • Ice Pack-H066

    Tk. 550
  • Hotshaper Neotex T-Shirt-H055

    Tk. 850
  • Rotating Foot Massage Slipper-H076

    Tk. 1,150
  • 4-inch Leather Contour Weight Lifting Be…

    Tk. 1,150
  • Digital Weight Scale-H063

    Tk. 1,150
  • Vibrating Neck Massager Pillow-02

    Tk. 449
  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Metal Scratch…

    Tk. 345
  • Prodental Progrip Brush Buy 2 Get 1 Fre…

    Tk. 160
  • Double Head Massage Hammer-H042

    Tk. 1,980
  • Relax and Spin Tone Whole Body Massager-…

    Tk. 1,580
  • Multifunction Foot Bath Massager-H040

    Tk. 1,980
  • Electric Head Massager-H039

    Tk. 1,750
  • Alpk2 Manual Blood Pressure Machine-H038

    Tk. 2,550
  • Flamingo Orthopedic Heating Pad-H037

    Tk. 1,850
  • Alcose Blood Glucose Monitoring System-H…

    Tk. 1,350
  • Neck Massage Pillow-H015

    Tk. 880
  • Eye Massager-H014

    Tk. 1,020
  • Crutches with Comfy Handle-H013

    Tk. 750
  • High Quality Walking Cane with Flashligh…

    Tk. 950
  • Dolphin Infrared Body Massager-H011

    Tk. 950
  • Face Musk-50pc-H010

    Tk. 450
  • Vicks Vaporub 100g-H009

    Tk. 850
  • Madisana lcd Blood Pressure Monitor-H007

    Tk. 3,250
  • Tone Resistance Tube-H008

    Tk. 1,250
  • Omron Nebulizer-H006

    Tk. 2,850
  • Madisana Pain Reliever Therapy Machine-H…

    Tk. 4,250
  • Round Seat Coosion with Pumper-H003

    Tk. 950
  • Madisana Blood Glucose Monitor-H001

    Tk. 2,250
  • Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler-H035

    Tk. 1,250
  • Manipol Complete Body Massager-H033

    Tk. 1,550
  • Medisana Fingertip Pulse Oximeter-H032

    Tk. 2,950
  • Bed Boost Mattress Support-H029

    Tk. 980
  • Omron Nebulizer for Kids-H028

    Tk. 3,650
  • Digital Therapy Machine with 4 Pads-H026

    Tk. 650

    Tk. 598

    8% OFF
  • Moov Spray-150ml

    Tk. 850

Items 1 to 60 of 141 total

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Men Health Care – Fitness, Nutrition & Everyday Health Product Buy From

Health is wealth. More men need to pay more attention to their health. Men's health mentions to a state of complete physical, rational, and social well-being, as experienced by men, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  From the latest men health news, treatments & therapies, inspiring patient stories, to expert advice, we’re here to help you live your healthiest life every day. An investigation man is more likely to get sick from serious health problems than women. men health care always delivers a good & health product for men. They always try to introduce natural and healthy products. A healthy body is essential to give you a beautiful outlook. You can increase the beauty of your healthy body by using bagdoom health products.

In fact, is here with a range of men health to add value to your aspects. We all need a different type of fixtures in our everyday life for good health. Men healthcare online bd can shop from

Men's healthcare products

If it is not physical exercise or hard work it can cause various diseases in the body. Most people in Bangladesh can’t take care of their health under pressure of their daily work. Due to unhealthy foods, smoking and irregular movements, many diseases are being run.

On the other hand, new smoking increases the risk of complications including lung disease and stroke. So exclude smoking. Basically, regular health check-up is necessary for the diagnosis of disease. It is easy to heal if any disease is detected at the very beginning. To protect men from such an unhealthy environment, has given some guidelines for men health care.

Best Tips of Men health care

  1. Nutritious food: Nutritious food stimulates the body and builds resistance against various diseases. Nutritious food should always be on the list of natural vegetables, fruits, and fat-free meals.
  2. Weight: Body weight is significant. Increased weight increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 
  3. Regular physical exercises: Regular physical activity requires regular involvement in physical activity. If it is not physical exercise or hard work it can cause various diseases in the body.
  4. Avoiding smoking: smoking increases the risk of complications including lung disease and stroke. So exclude tobacco.
  5. Regular health check-up: Regular health check-up is necessary for the diagnosis of diseases. It is easy to heal if any condition is detected at the very beginning.
  6. Elimination of alcohol: Alcoholic beverages have many problems with many types of cancer and high blood pressure. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to exclude alcohol drinking.
  7. Stress control: Need to control stress for healthy living. In case, the need to maintain the proper balance of workplace and personal life.
  8. Risk-free life: Everyone has their style of living. That's why everybody can have their health risks. So, understanding these risks needs to build resistance against them.
  9. Finally, the First Security: Certain rules have to be safe and sound, they need to be done. Like wearing motorcycle helmets, car seat sticks in the car, regular teeth cleaning, and hand washes, etc.

Why is best for Men Health Care

Imagine that you were feeling the symptoms plan below. For which of these would you revenue time off work to ask the medical favor? Please select all that apply.

Blood in urine, Blood in stool, An unexpected lump, Chest pain or tightness, Coughing up yellow or green phlegm (thick mucus), or coughing up blood, Breathlessness or rapid and shallow breathing, A rapid heartbeat, Feeling confused and disoriented, Dizziness/ nausea, A high temperature (fever), Back pain, A persistent cough, Anxiety, Feeling low or down and Minor consistent headache etc. I would not ask medical benefit for any of the above medical situations.

So take care of your health from product. The home car is infrared heating body massager for relaxing and comfortable driving. Relating Foot massage slipper for the foot massages. Hot shaper GYM vest, Double head massage hammer, Relax, and Spin tool body massager, etc. are available in Electric head massager-HO39, Alpk2 manual blood pressure machine, close blood glucose monitoring system, Eye massager-HO14, Madison blood Glucose monitor, Madison and blood pressure monitor, etc. are also available in Buy this best-branded product from bagdoom to check every day and the most you can connect with their 24/7 customer care for any help about this men healthcare product.