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  • LUBNAN Men's Sherwani-37006003

    Tk. 9,550
  • LUBNAN Men's Sherwani-37006005

    Tk. 9,950
  • LUBNAN Men's Sherwani-37005937

    Tk. 18,550
  • LUBNAN Men's Sherwani Cut Panjabi-370131…

    Tk. 7,650
  • Red panjabi for Men

    Tk. 999
  • Pagri - Maroon Devdas

    Tk. 1,350
  • Pagri - Maroon Velvet

    Tk. 1,450
  • Pagri - Golden & Stone

    Tk. 1,250
  • Pagri - Red & White Crushed

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Red Dhupiyan

    Tk. 1,250
  • Pagri - Blue Velvet

    Tk. 1,650
  • Pagri - Maroon & Yellow Devdas

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Maroon & Brown Devdas

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Maroon Devdas

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Rajasthani Velvet Golden

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Red & White (Long)

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Rajasthani Velvet Blue with Ston…

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Rajasthani Velvet Blue

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Blue & Silver

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Red Velvet (Long)

    Tk. 1,500
  • Pagri - Red Golden Crushed Fabric

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Red Tissue (Long)

    Tk. 1,500
  • Pagri - Golden Tissue (Long)

    Tk. 1,500
  • Pagri - Red Velvet

    Tk. 1,000
  • Pagri - Maroon Tissue

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Golden Tissue

    Tk. 1,200
  • Pagri - Red Golden Velvet

    Tk. 2,200
  • Pagri - Maroon Velvet with Accessories

    Tk. 2,800
  • Pagri - Rajasthani Velvet Maroon

    Tk. 1,600

29 Item(s)

Men wedding wear Buy Online Wedding dress in Bangladesh at

Men are getting more and more aware of chic style and current fashion. Generally, we wear wedding clothes a special day for the particular moment.  In this day, we wear a wedding Cap that is special more than other days. You can search for everything that you can meet your best fashion and desire cloth for your wedding. If you feel lousy situation to examine the quality and fashionable wedding dress so, don’t be sad. You have stayed the right place. You will find here the different types of wedding Pagri.  Bagdoom offers you the biggest collection of wedding wear and the latest and updated design.

We bring to your doorway its wide variety of men’s favorite wear at the lowest possible price.  The wedding is the most significant purpose in a man’s life of the irrespective both men and women. Marriage for both women and men clothes are stored so that they can feel comfortable. These all types of wedding dresses for men have been important in demand in the current decades.

Men’s wedding Collection in Bangladesh   

We are proud of the extended feature of the wedding from famous brands like State, Texmart, Yellow, Skagen, Wood and Pecker and more. At our online shop, you can search for a stunning selection of men’s wedding T-shirt, Coats, Hoodies, Long sleeve shirt, Panjabi, Shoes, etc. We have included the active and designable wedding wear or clothes so that a new couple is interested in their marriage.

You want to purchase the designable wedding product, and you can match with your dress to your Pagri and Shoes etc. Check out our large product or clothes for wedding dresses and then buy the likable garments. Now, stay here and see the more designable wedding product.

Men's Wedding shoes

Men’s are concerned about each product, footwear stays in a good position in that list. Men’s like to wear formal or wedding shoes in Bangladesh with Sherwani in their marriage in this system are running before more decades. Bagdoom has collected the latest models throughout the year like formal shoes, flip-flops, sports shoes, loafers, and covers. When you go to the wedding, you want to wear matches cloths. A perfect shoe brings to buy from the shop with the expected rates.

Men's Wedding Wear

1st Online shop hast the vast collection of Men’s wedding wear in Bangladesh. Naturally, we choose to wear Panjabi and tight feting’s choss. Besides, you can wear with your Panjabi a white trouser. Trousers are the most momentous cloths for all human beings. The maximum person when they go to the outside like a party, gala day, marriage party then they wear trouser with the short or long Panjabi. It’s a natural dress or formal dress for us. Check out our vast collection of trousers and pants for choosing as your wedding clothes. The different types of Panjabi and Fotua can give you a comfortable fashion and feelings. So, when you choose men’s wedding clothes, you have to see the product quality, color, and design. After, then select your desired product in our reputable shop.

Men's Wedding Pagri

A man’s wedding Pagri in Bangladesh at reasonable prices for various collections. When you go to marry, then you need to wear a turban for your standard look. You can choose likable turbans from People like a court, pant, tie internationally but Bangladeshi people when they will go to marry they like to wear Panjabi, Sherwani, and Pagri. It is the traditional dress of the Bangladesh nation when they get married.

We offer a variety of fabrics including poly silk, crushed silk, art silk, and also more. You’ll find the luxurious fabrics turbans with bullion Pagri, Pearl chains, and zari work turbans, Pagri etc. Besides, you have to choose a traditional color like red, White Crushed, Velvet Golden and also colors. These all striking colors and the large types of collection of the turbans are available in our online shop.

Buy Online Wedding Dress in Bangladesh at Bagdoom

Bangladeshi people naturally like to wear Sherwani, Panjabi, and Pagri when they get married. It is running before huge years ago. Bagdoom has the best and fashionable collection of men's wedding dress in Bangladesh. There are many online shop and offline shops that have a selection of men's wedding wear BD but Bagdoom is the best online store to buy suits, Panjabi, Sherwanis to lawsuits along with decorated accessories and so. So, now buy your essential wedding accessories from the latest and designable collection at