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So What is Krishti? (Once a Hobby, Now a Dream!)

Krishti is a project undertaken by which gave hundreds of artisans a canvas to paint their dreams, passion, and hobbies. Concisely, it is a platform which provides you with a wide range of handicraft in Bangladesh and indulges you in embracing our culture a little more.

Jute, the golden fiber of handicraft in Bangladesh, once carried a prophecy of a golden future of the country. Although due to several trade and agricultural hurdles, climate conditions and many unknown reasons, the golden fiber and its intensive usage antiquated. What is even more heart wrenching is, this used to be a major part of our tradition? The ignorance of its existence among this generation brings another cultural drawback.

To solve this problem, the merger of the E-commerce and handicraft industry came into rescue. That’s right! Handicrafts, as we know, is a hobby of some, the passion of a few and now has become earnings of money., which is one of the major dominating players in the E-commerce industry, has created this platform. It not only realizes people’s dreams but also has a major role in reducing poverty.

These handicrafts consist of jute in most of them. The items vary in a wider range of jute products in Bangladesh starting from home decor like a wall hanging mats, decorative lamps etc. to daily necessities like table mat, handbags, notepads etc- you name it, everything you can possibly imagine of. In this progressive culture, where everything is moving fast forward, and in so doing, we are forgetting our major traditional and cultural components. Bagdoom intervenes in to familiarize to the global market and revive this culture among the existing generation of the domestic market one of those components via our jute handicraft BD, aka, Krishti products of handicraft in Bangladesh.

Being a developing country, Bangladesh has a pretty high unemployment rate which constitutes more women than men. As we move our focus to the rural areas, this prevails even more. That’s when the handicraft industry emerged. Women tend to engage themselves in handicrafts BD like Nakshi Katha, clay toys, clay items etc. Once done out of the hobby, eventually turned into a passion and within a glimpse initiated into earnings. Hundreds of rural women entrepreneurs in Rangpur now indulged themselves into manufacturing these beautiful and affordable handmade products & handicraft in Bangladesh online.

The increasing demand for handicrafts online BD has now gained us recognition in the International market. After meeting the local handicraft requirement, the handicraft industry goes on to export its beauties to the International platform. Through innovation and a resilient effort of these superwomen, our tradition, through the jute handicraft in BD has been revived again. And Bagdoom effectively forms a bridge between this traditional treat and the customers. It also ensures fair trade and maintains a fair price at all times. A little contribution to these products not only brings you one step towards acknowledging and embracing the culture but also plays a vital role in reducing poverty, increasing women employment and bringing financial stability in the economy.

In a nutshell:

Krishti handicraft products available at the best online shopping site in Bangladesh. give a taste of cultural identity to its customer. By selling handicrafts products Dhaka, they are bringing up our culture internationally. You can now easily purchase your favorite krishti handicraft in Bangladesh & handmade products anytime, anywhere through