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  • DSP KA001 200W Electric Coffee Grinder

    Tk. 1,155
  • Kitchen Stove Gas Lighter

    Tk. 125
  • Eco+ Sandwich Maker- ST1005

    Tk. 1,150
  • ECO+ 30 Ltr Microwave Oven-P90N30AP-ZJ

    Tk. 11,169
  • ECO+ 30 Ltr Microwave Oven-P90N30AP-ZJ

    Tk. 10,900
  • ECO+ 30 Ltr Microwave Oven-D90N30ASPRIII…

    Tk. 14,375
  • ECO+ 30 Ltr Microwave Oven-D90N30ASPRIII…

    Tk. 14,730
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Solo, Auto Cook & Auto Defro…

    Tk. 8,625
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Solo, Auto Cook & Auto Defro…

    Tk. 8,838
  • AB Artistic Single Auto Stove-AB-GS- 102…

    Tk. 1,450
  • AB Artistic Single Auto Stove-AB-GS-1029…

    Tk. 1,450
  • AB Artistic Double Auto Stove- AB-GS-205…

    Tk. 2,050
  • AB Artistic Double Auto Stove- HT-D-2002

    Tk. 4,800
  • AB Artistic Double Auto Stove- HT-D-2002

    Tk. 4,800
  • AB Artistic Double Auto Stove- HT-G--320…

    Tk. 3,500
  • AB Artistic Single Auto Stove- HTG-3201

    Tk. 2,000
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Microwave Oven-P90D23EL-F8

    Tk. 9,074
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Microwave Oven-P90D23EL-F8

    Tk. 8,855
  • ECO+ 20 Ltr Microwave Oven-P70H20L-SEM

    Tk. 6,835
  • ECO+ 20 Ltr Microwave Oven-P70H20L-SEM

    Tk. 6,670
  • Eco+ 28 Ltr Electric Oven-TO-28

    Tk. 4,690
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Microwave Oven- D90D23AL-G3

    Tk. 10,144
  • ECO+ 23 Ltr Microwave Oven- D90D23AL-G3

    Tk. 9,900
  • Electric Kettle 2.0 L Plastic Body

    Tk. 1,500

    Tk. 1,140

    24% OFF
  • Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 2.0 L

    Tk. 1,200

    Tk. 1,080

    10% OFF
  • Electric Egg Boiler

    Tk. 599
  • Kiam Classic Pressure Cooker 2.5L

    Tk. 1,100
  • ES Blender, 3in One (Yellow) 1.5 Ltr ES …

    Tk. 1,950
  • ES Blender, 4in One (Green) 1.25 Ltr ES …

    Tk. 2,180
  • ES – 777 (Blender 4 in 1) 1.5 Ltr

    Tk. 1,400
  • HP20 Plus (Red Double Burner) LP HP20 Pl…

    Tk. 5,250
  • HP20 Plus (Black Double Burner) LP HP20 …

    Tk. 5,250
  • HP 20-2 MC (Multi Color Double Burner) L…

    Tk. 5,400
  • ES Sunflower (Digital Glass) Double Gas …

    Tk. 3,600
  • ES 11219 LP Euro Star Cabinet Gas Stove

    Tk. 11,700
  • ES 8253A (Double Burner) LP ES 8253A LP

    Tk. 2,370
  • Gas ES 311 (Double Burner) LP ES 311- 25…

    Tk. 2,300
  • ES 204 (Double Burner) LPG Exclusive ES …

    Tk. 3,400
  • Gas D10 (Double Burner) LP D10-12

    Tk. 4,350
  • G/S Blue Bell D GL 8mm (Double Burner) B…

    Tk. 3,600
  • B1 Italy Double Burner (Red) LP B1-Red 2…

    Tk. 6,800
  • B1 Italy Double Burner (Black) LP

    Tk. 6,800
  • Water Bottle- 1234274206007

    Tk. 590
  • Water Bottle-1234298719477

    Tk. 250
  • Water Bottle-530ml- 1234274206007

    Tk. 590
  • Water Bottle-126852

    Tk. 390
  • Folding Water Bottle- Mesuca- 122237

    Tk. 150
  • Water Bottle- Foldable- 120855

    Tk. 290
  • Thermo Water Bottle -18oz-126848

    Tk. 2,290
  • Smart Shaker- Promixx- 60G Capacity 1228…

    Tk. 1,990
  • Water Bottle XD Design- 127172

    Tk. 2,690
  • Water Bottle-Ultimate Insulation- 126850

    Tk. 1,890
  • Mi Portable TDS Digital Meter Water Test…

    Tk. 1,248

    Tk. 558

    55% OFF
  • Philips 1 Ltr Blender HR-2056

    Tk. 3,200
  • Panasonic 1 Ltr Blender MX-SM1031

    Tk. 4,350
  • Sharp 5 Ltr Rice Cooker KSH-D55-GY

    Tk. 6,300

    Tk. 5,823

    8% OFF
  • 2 Layer Dish Drainer -Silver

    Tk. 945

    Tk. 899

    5% OFF
  • Stainless Steel 12 Pieces Barbecue Grill…

    Tk. 199

    Tk. 149

    25% OFF
  • Microwave Oven Storage Racks

    Tk. 1,496

    Tk. 1,449

    3% OFF
  • ACI Premio Cutlery Holder-White-10063

    Tk. 90

Items 1 to 60 of 893 total

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  3. 3
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Home & Living - kitchen accessories Shop in Bangladesh

If you take a look at the kitchen, you will notice that there are endless materials for furniture, appliances, and utensils. The home & living kitchen accessories in Bangladesh can be made of different materials, from stainless steel, plastic, silicone, wood, ceramics, glass, porcelain or clay. Today these little helpers are dressed in color and very original prints to fill the kitchen with life and joy. Blenders yellow chicken, blue oil for the coffee machine, bowls in many colors, pans and red pots, knives, and molds of various types. One thing is clear; creativity in the kitchen has no limits! 

Kitchen accessories in Bangladesh

Nowadays countless products make our day-to-day cooking easier. From mittens with which to take food out of the oven to covered organizers to maintain order. You also do not have to settle for simple and metallic kitchen tools. You can choose from the wide range of possibilities that interior design offers. Choose between classic style home and living kitchen accessories in Bangladesh.

Fry Pan

Instead of worrying about burning your food and potentially ruining your kitchenware, invest in a non-stick pan to avoid this problem. Our ideal non-stick pan is easy to handle, durable. It has a great performance and cooks food evenly with the proper browning.

Pressure Cooker

Deciding which pressure cooker we are going to acquire is a task that requires patience. Research all products to find the best result. The Bagdoom meets a huge variety of models and brands.

Rice Cooker

One of the appliances that have become very popular in recent years has been the rice cooker. Because they have been able to avoid problems in the kitchen and the time invested in it has been reduced. It is a useful tool to innovate and try new recipes to prepare rice in the kitchen without fear of making mistakes.

Meat Grinder

If you have been in your local market lately, you have probably noticed the increase in meat costs due to inflation. If you are a superior home cook or take the trouble to look around for healthier eating, a meat grinder can help you.


You cannot imagine the number of health problems that can be avoided if you have the dispenser. Many have one at home and are increasingly common in the office. Everything depends on the space you have set aside for him and the number of people who will use the dispenser.


When talking about grills, we have a wide variant in Bagdoom. Much of choice has to do with the space of the site where the roast will take place. To be able to roast the meat with style.

Dish Rack

The dish rack allows us not only to organize our dishes after washing them but also to keep them clean and safe while drying. If you want to acquire one of this equipment, you must take into account some aspects. It will find in Bagdoom to choose a quality model, appropriate to your needs.


To prepare delicious meals, you must have the appliances that facilitate the preparation of all the recipes. You wish to delight your friends and family. Multifunction microwave ovens can be a helpful tool in the kitchen. Because with them you can make various dishes ranging from desserts to those that are more elaborate.

Other home and kitchen accessories

Food Processor, Blender, Chopper, Branded Toaster, Better Strainer, Hook Scale, Kitchen Apron also increase the beauty of the kitchen accessories in Bangladesh. They also keep our task easy and save time. Before acquiring one of this equipment, consider the level of power to which they work. This way you will know if the appliance can cook the food efficiently. The functions performed by the device will indicate the types of uses you can give. You can also get the different ways in which you can cook food effectively.

Final thought

The kitchen accessories in Bangladesh thread is a material that will remain in direct contact with food. So, it should not store anywhere without paying attention to the objects around it. The best option is to have a suitable container in which to store it comfortably, like a box for kitchen thread. You find them in plastic or glass, some even with a convenient cutter. Do you want to know what the kitchen accessories that cannot be missing from your home are? Register at the online shopping portal Bagdoom and discover the best selection at the best price!