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  • Snap’n Grip Wrench

    Tk. 420
  • Foamer Pressure Sprayer 2 L

    Tk. 500
  • 13pcs/lot HSS High Speed Steel Cobalt Dr…

    Tk. 200
  • 6Pcs/Set Multi-tool Blades HSS Circular …

    Tk. 600
  • Mosquito Killing Lamp

    Tk. 550

    Tk. 534

    3% OFF
  • GoodKnight Express Combi Pack

    Tk. 225
  • GoodKnight Advance Machine and Refill

    Tk. 140
  • Hit Anti Roach Gel 45 Days

    Tk. 199
  • Red Hit Crawling Insect Killer-400ml

    Tk. 280
  • Black Hit Mosquitoes & Flies Spray-400ml

    Tk. 249
  • Hit Lime Mosquitoes & Flies Spray-400ml

    Tk. 249
  • Godrej Aer Room Freshener- Musk After Sm…

    Tk. 200
  • Godrej Aer Room Freshener- Petal Crush P…

    Tk. 200
  • Godrej Aer Room Freshener- Fresh Lush Gr…

    Tk. 200
  • Godrej Aer Room Freshener-Cool Surf Blue…

    Tk. 200
  • Bag Bungee

    Tk. 849

    Tk. 595

    30% OFF
  • Stainless Steel Cloth Hanger 6pcs - Silv…

    Tk. 360
  • Medicine Storage Box - Multi Color

    Tk. 340
  • Portable Mini Sewing Machine With Foot P…

    Tk. 1,500
  • ROMIX Inflatable Neck Rest Pillow Foldab…

    Tk. 750

    Tk. 653

    13% OFF
  • 90mm Magnifying Glass 3x and 6x

    Tk. 248
  • 70 mm Powerful Magnifying Glass - Green …

    Tk. 198
  • 31 In 1 Screw Driver Set - Yellow and Re…

    Tk. 280
  • Electric Glue Gun Hot Melt - Black

    Tk. 799
  • 50 mm Magnifying Glass - Green and Yello…

    Tk. 218
  • Kedah Instant Hot Water Tap

    Tk. 3,800

    Tk. 2,650

    30% OFF
  • Weather Multi-Functional Projection Alar…

    Tk. 1,090

    Tk. 927

    15% OFF
  • Anti Mosquito Killing Lamp

    Tk. 150
  • Gas Lighter with Free Refill Gas

    Tk. 92
  • Mosquito Killer Bat-Black and Orange

    Tk. 299

    Tk. 270

    10% OFF
  • 32 In 1 Multipurpose Screwdriver Set

    Tk. 499

    Tk. 349

    30% OFF
  • Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp

    Tk. 400

    Tk. 200

    50% OFF
  • Electric Lunch Box

    Tk. 800

    Tk. 680

    15% OFF
  • Multi Purpose Storage Box

    Tk. 399
  • Wall Hook For Home Decor - 4pcs

    Tk. 120
  • 7 Days Mini Pill Box Medicine Container …

    Tk. 450
  • HCX Wardrobe Storage Organizer for Cloth…

    Tk. 1,749
  • Mosquito Killing Bat

    Tk. 600
  • Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Killer

    Tk. 1,050
  • Rat Killer Lamp- Electric Ultrasonic Pes…

    Tk. 350
  • Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Bat

    Tk. 320
  • Water Boiling Heater - 1000W

    Tk. 520

    Tk. 380

    27% OFF
  • Digital Weight Machine 50kg

    Tk. 480
  • 48 in 1 Universal Wrench Multipurpose Bo…

    Tk. 2,250

    Tk. 1,958

    13% OFF
  • Screwdriver Set With Drill Machine QBR=1…

    Tk. 1,899

    Tk. 1,786

    6% OFF
  • Mini Hand Sewing Machine - 99

    Tk. 175

    Tk. 153

    13% OFF
  • Mini Handy Sewing Machine-112

    Tk. 699

    Tk. 595

    15% OFF
  • Xiaomi Mijia Electric Mosquito Insect Re…

    Tk. 656
  • Handmade Coconut Shell Soup Bowls with S…

    Tk. 180
  • Foldable Washing Laundry Basket-op1

    Tk. 235
  • Foldable Washing Laundry Basket

    Tk. 235
  • Fire Extinguisher Fire Stop Spray - 1000…

    Tk. 1,200

    Tk. 900

    25% OFF
  • Mi Smart Electric Water Kettle WiFi Cont…

    Tk. 4,370
  • Xiaomi 1.5L Electric Water Kettle

    Tk. 3,105
  • LED Mosquito Killer Lamp - White

    Tk. 600

    Tk. 510

    15% OFF
  • Armaf Enchanted Air Freshener 300ml Viol…

    Tk. 290
  • Armaf Enchanted Air Freshener 300ml Vint…

    Tk. 290
  • Armaf Enchanted Air Freshener 300ml Summ…

    Tk. 290
  • Armaf Enchanted Air Freshener 300ml Spri…

    Tk. 290
  • Armaf Enchanted Air Freshener 300ml Oud

    Tk. 290

Items 1 to 60 of 1350 total

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