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  • 18650 Rechargeable Battery (2.5 Inch)

    Tk. 120
  • Electronic Iron VIS-YPF 633 Blue 94737

    Tk. 800

    Tk. 700

    13% OFF
  • Bright Viewer Hand free LED Magnifier

    Tk. 1,200
  • Minister Iron-M-DI-307

    Tk. 790
  • Minister Iron-M-DI-303

    Tk. 981
  • Jack Pot Dry Iron Automatic Heavy Weight

    Tk. 899
  • Super Star Tripple Pole (TP) (DP) 40A-6…

    Tk. 575
  • Super StarTripple Pole (TP) (DP) 6A-32A …

    Tk. 540
  • Super Star Tripple Pole (TP) (DP) 32A-63…

    Tk. 515
  • Super Star Tripple Pole (TP) (DP) 6A-25A…

    Tk. 480
  • Super Star Double Pole (DP) 40A-63A (6K)

    Tk. 385
  • Super Star Double Pole (DP) 6A-32A (6K)

    Tk. 360
  • Super Star Double Pole (DP) 32A-63A (3K)

    Tk. 345
  • Super Star Double Pole (DP) 6A-25A (3K)

    Tk. 320
  • Super Star Single Pole (SP) Circuit Brea…

    Tk. 195
  • Super Star Single Pole (SP) Circuit Brea…

    Tk. 180
  • Black Cat Multiplug

    Tk. 500
  • Vision Electric Iron-VIS-DEI-003 (Orange…

    Tk. 800

    Tk. 700

    13% OFF
  • Vision Electric Iron-VIS-DEI-002 (PINK)-…

    Tk. 780

    Tk. 680

    13% OFF
  • Vision Electric Iron-VIS-YPF 633 (Orange…

    Tk. 800

    Tk. 700

    13% OFF
  • Vision Electric Iron-VIS-SEI-002 (Blue)-…

    Tk. 1,350

    Tk. 1,200

    11% OFF
  • Uniross AAA Battery

    Tk. 30
  • Lamp Holder Adapter B22 (Pin) to E27 (Pa…

    Tk. 150

    Tk. 105

    30% OFF
  • Mosquito Killing Lamp

    Tk. 550

    Tk. 534

    3% OFF
  • Weather Multi-Functional Projection Alar…

    Tk. 1,090

    Tk. 927

    15% OFF
  • Money Checker Machine

    Tk. 500
  • Mi Smart Electric Water Kettle WiFi Cont…

    Tk. 4,370
  • Xiaomi 1.5L Electric Water Kettle

    Tk. 3,105
  • ECO+ 56'' Premium Ceiling Fan (Silver)

    Tk. 2,750
  • ECO+ 56'' Premium Ceiling Fan (Golden)

    Tk. 2,750
  • Circle Electric Kettle 2.0 L

    Tk. 2,000

    Tk. 1,800

    10% OFF
  • Crimping Tool

    Tk. 500
  • Sharp Dry Iron EI-N04

    Tk. 1,490

    Tk. 1,341

    10% OFF
  • Portable Electric Air Pump

    Tk. 566
  • LED Light Dimmer RD=158

    Tk. 699
  • Kitchen Weight Scale

    Tk. 980

    Tk. 683

    30% OFF
  • Pocket Mini Weight Scale - White

    Tk. 799
  • Hanging Weight Scale - Black

    Tk. 499
  • Portable Weight Scale

    Tk. 349
  • Kitchen Digital Weight Scale - White

    Tk. 449
  • Digital Hanging Pocket Weight Scale

    Tk. 750

    Tk. 368

    51% OFF
  • PABX Phones & Systems 8 line machine

    Tk. 6,500

    Tk. 4,500

    31% OFF
  • Mini Sewing Machine 4 in 1 with Paddle

    Tk. 2,550

    Tk. 1,399

    45% OFF
  • Huawei Single Sim GSM Wireless Phone - W…

    Tk. 3,000

    Tk. 2,299

    23% OFF
  • Huawei GSM Telephone With FM Radio - Bla…

    Tk. 2,590

    Tk. 1,699

    34% OFF
  • Huawei 1 Sim FM Radio GSM Telephone

    Tk. 3,500

    Tk. 1,540

    56% OFF
  • Home & Office Use Air Blower Machine

    Tk. 2,500

    Tk. 770

    69% OFF
  • Electric sewing and Hand sewing machine …

    Tk. 2,900

    Tk. 1,899

    35% OFF
  • Digital Hanging Pocket Weight Scale

    Tk. 750

    Tk. 499

    33% OFF
  • Universal Mini Handy Rechargeable Fan-00…

    Tk. 360

    Tk. 292

    19% OFF
  • Universal Mini Handy Rechargeable Fan

    Tk. 360

    Tk. 292

    19% OFF
  • Combo of Mosquito Killing Bat & Face Mas…

    Tk. 380
  • Mosquito Killing Bat

    Tk. 350
  • Mosquito Killing Bat

    Tk. 385
  • Portable Digital Electronic Scale

    Tk. 999

    Tk. 399

    60% OFF
  • Huawei ETS 5623 Wireless Phone

    Tk. 1,799
  • Electric Sewing Machine with Paddle

    Tk. 1,399

    Tk. 1,185

    15% OFF
  • Screwdriver-Macgiber Tool Combo

    Tk. 599

    Tk. 499

    17% OFF
  • Anti Mosquito Killer Racket

    Tk. 650

    Tk. 468

    28% OFF
  • Mosquito Killing Bat

    Tk. 748

    Tk. 683

    9% OFF

Items 1 to 60 of 137 total

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  2. 2
  3. 3

The Most Common and Useful Household Electronic Accessories at

All most every house uses some kinds of the household electronic appliance to make daily activities easy. By utilizing the apparatus make works done fast and life comfortable. So, the electronic appliance needs to be chosen carefully. That has to be something effective and long-lasting. But there are many tools available in the market that our customer doesn't know.

The latest item is being introduced and supplied every day that everyone should know. This is because of necessary household kitchen tools make your work done correctly. Besides, it saves time that means you can enjoy your leisure time. So, let’s know what’s new bringing the site.

Household Electronics Accessories

Do not waste time by looking for your essential item in the market. Household electronic items are attainable in this online site. Including full description and price. Even you can find new products that can be beneficial to your home. So, have a look at the household electronic item on the below:

Electric fan and LED Light

The fan is one type of important household item that need not only in the bedroom but also in drawing, dining even in the kitchen. There various kinds of ceiling fans in Bangladesh you can have a glance. The turbo vortex fans are moveable. You can adjust on a wall, ceiling or keep on the table. The fan is lightweight and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, the breeze fan is bigger than the turbofan. But more effective and high speed. It has a handle so can be carried anywhere. However, the others household accessories & turbofan can be found within two thousand, and the breeze fan is starting from two thousand.

Another significant item for the house is light. But the IPS would be costly during load shedding. So, use the rechargeable LED light dimmer just in seven hundred. It is small and has a handle so easily carry.

Wireless Telephone

The modern era telephone comes with multiple options. Not need to go electronics shop to buy the telephone. You can choose any type you like because the site is giving you all branded telephone. It has the phone book with high capacity, calculator, FM radio, alarm, etc. the telephones are wireless. Just use one single sim to operate it. Just like your headphone set. Only within two thousand, you can have one wireless multiple option telephone.

Kitchen Accessories

It includes a kitchen weight scale, pocket weight scale and hanging weight scale. For those who shop for a whole month. With this digital scale, you can use measurement and divide them into small portion. Many families collect the grains for the entire year. So, it is a beneficiary item for them. The digital scale will provide the exact weight. Grains, vegetable, meat anything can be measured with this digital or random scale. Price is two hundred to above one thousand.

Electric Sewing Machine

Many use a sewing machine for repairing purpose or anything at home. But the regular machine is hard to operate and takes time for sewing. Have you ever thought of using an electric sewing machine? The electric machine is faster than the normal one and easy to operate. It has both paddle and switch system operating. Even it is small, and anywhere can be kept. It is not so costly. Five hundred to three thousand depends on the operating option.

Electric Iron

Another important household electronics item. Rare to seem any house without this item. Every day needs an iron before going out. So, try to select a branded electric iron price in Bangladesh to use for long safely. The Panasonic iron will take fifteen hundred to two thousand. Besides, the Miyako iron can be found within one thousand. But the Panasonic iron is heavy, and Miyako will be lightweight and thin.

Other Accessories

For every day's work need a different type of lots of household appliance. Everything you can find under one umbrella. Your room to kitchen appliance everything is available here. Torchlight to a mini portable fan, weight machine, calculator, mosquito killer bat, socket, theft alarm clock, and much more types of household electronics Gadget accessories. you might use the normal appliance available on the super shop or anywhere. The updated and latest item only available on the online site.

Final Word

The appliance described here you might already have. But this time try to use something unique. It can give you comfort and complete any work faster. Even can save you from any kinds of risk. So, explore the item first. Then make a list of what you need. You can find many items that you never think of a use or its existence. Now it’s time to be beneficial from these household electronic accessories and take care of yourself and value your time.