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Cleaning Products and Equipment at Your Fingertips |

A very significant portion of our expenditure goes into maintaining the household which is a never-ending process. And why not? Because our house deserves the most care and maintaining a household is our duty. Out of the overall expenditure, a weighty share goes into buying cleaning products to maintain hygiene and a good atmosphere. It includes almost every basic necessities of a common household you can think of ranging from detergent powder, towel, handwash, dishwasher etc. and almost everything that meets the eye.

Cleaning Products in Bangladesh

It’s very essential for every household as it has an all-year-round demand without which a typical household cannot function. A certain amount of time has to be allocated toward making a list for shopping as well as preparing the budget while also keeping in mind the brand of each product. The shopping place for this type of products such as pipe, air blower machine, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, detergent, steel scrubber, towel, bucket, duster, sanitizer, handwash, bleach, antiseptic, mop etc has always been the traditional way, but gradually, the internet is taking over.

Online shopping in Bangladesh

The trend of online shopping has been increasing significantly, as well as the range of products provided by online retail sites. Yet few categories of products like household cleaning products needed to be bought from physical stores which can be a very hectic experience starting from the traffic to carrying the heavy load of shopping to your home., previously known as, the first e-commerce platform to enter the Bangladesh market back in 2010, is here to make shopping easier than ever by offering a wide variety of lifestyle products, including household cleaning tools to be delivered right at your doorstep in the most convenient way possible.

Products at a glance

A clean house represents a clean image of personality, therefore spending on quality cleaning products and buying from a reliable store is very important. tries to make shopping a one-stop experience by offering almost everything such as hose pipe, air blower machine, dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, detergent, steel scrubber, towel, bucket, duster, sanitizer, handwash, bleach, antiseptic, mop etc. under one site without having to switch tabs. These products are aimed at maintaining cleanliness of every part of your households such as your living room, dining room, kitchen, and toilet.

Moreover, maintains up to date stock and you will have the options to browse many different international as well as local brands such as Lysol, Dettol, Savlon, ACI, Almer, Oxyclean, Rok, Trix, Unik, Clarissa, Panasonic, Harpic, Delux, Chaka etc. with a highly competitive price.

Having such well-known brands in its portfolio, can give assurance that every dry and wet mop are made of materials with high absorbent capacity ensuring maximum cleaning. It can also ensure that towels are made of excellent quality without being subject to wear and tear. Since most of the products such as dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner handwash, toilet cleaner, detergent, bleach, and antiseptic are chemical-based products, ensures that these products are very safe to use. Overall, ensures the quality of their products designed for a fit household.

Why shop at offers occasional discounts and quick delivery on some products all year round, as well as free delivery. It’s also very easy to purchase products as the site offers online payment, as well as cash on delivery. Besides, their 24/7 customer care is there to solve any problems or queries without any delay. Customer care can solve any issues ranging from ordering issues to product satisfaction and offering returns if the product is unsatisfactory. Being the first ever e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, upholds its reputation for providing the best quality products with utmost responsibility as the brands that they sell are well-established in the market.

Bagdoom is not just selling lifestyle products, rather it is a lifestyle with a one-stop solution. The simple interface of’s website allows users to have a very clean shopping experience without any disturbance of advertisements. It also allows users to shop for products according to brands, price, and partners allowing the maximum flexibility to customers. With such a user-friendly site including a wide variety of products, shopping just reached a new height by becoming very convenient while also saving a huge time. Now we do not need to make plans to go out every month to shop for cleaning products to maintain our household, because shopping is now at our fingertips- just a tap away. So, shop now at and discover the surprises.