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  • Portable Hand Blower Machine-Aj-287

    Tk. 1,413
  • TK-2028 Fake Note Detector Machine-Aj-28…

    Tk. 1,752
  • Ez Jet Water Cannon

    Tk. 700
  • Electric Roti Maker - 1200W - Black

    Tk. 2,400
  • 90mm Magnifying Glass 3x and 6x

    Tk. 380
  • Snap N Grip

    Tk. 380
  • Microwave Oven Storage Racks - Silver-Aj…

    Tk. 2,091
  • Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener -…

    Tk. 735
  • Triangle Shelves For Bathroom - Pink-Aj-…

    Tk. 1,187
  • Free Hit Tiffin Box - Silver-Aj-235

    Tk. 1,639
  • Multi-Functional Wooden Pen Stand

    Tk. 260
  • Bright Viewer Hand free LED Magnifier

    Tk. 1,200
  • Mosquito Killer Lamp

    Tk. 399
  • Insect Killer 1 Meter - Silver-Aj-213

    Tk. 2,204
  • Mosquto killing Lamp - Black-Aj-212

    Tk. 1,413
  • Portable Hand Air Blower-Aj-116

    Tk. 1,413
  • Expandable Magic Water Hose pipe 75ft- G…

    Tk. 1,074
  • Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Lig…

    Tk. 848
  • Portable Mini USB Double Outlet Air Cond…

    Tk. 735
  • Electric Water Heater - 1000W - Blue-Aj-…

    Tk. 848
  • Prodental b Ultra Twin Tooth Brush

    Tk. 99
  • Prodental b Rice Husk Tooth Brush

    Tk. 394
  • Rok Mega Steel Scourer Buy 2 get 1

    Tk. 70
  • Rok Dish Washing Liquid 350 ml Free Anti…

    Tk. 80
  • Microfiber Cloth

    Tk. 170
  • Scotch Brite Antibacterial Scrub 10*14

    Tk. 90
  • Plastic Adhesive Soap Holder- White

    Tk. 480
  • 0% EMI Available

    Sharp 656 Ltr Inverter Refrigerator SJ-E…

    Tk. 152,000

    Tk. 140,000

    8% OFF
  • Plastic Baby Cloth Hanger

    Tk. 450
  • Clean Reach 3 in 1 Angled Pads-Blue

    Tk. 540
  • 0% EMI Available

    Sharp 656 Ltr Inverter Refrigerator SJ-E…

    Tk. 152,000

    Tk. 140,000

    8% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Sony 43" 4K Android TV-KD-43X7500E

    Tk. 61,446
  • 0% EMI Available

    Minister 25 Ltr Microwave Oven-MI D90D25

    Tk. 17,991
  • Miniister Stabilizer-M-1000VA

    Tk. 2,511
  • Miniister Stabilizer- M-600VA

    Tk. 2,331
  • Minister Iron-M-DI-307

    Tk. 790
  • Minister Iron-M-DI-303

    Tk. 981
  • Minister Gas Stove-MI-SR2112

    Tk. 4,950
  • Minister Gas Stove- MI-SR2045

    Tk. 4,050
  • 0% EMI Available

    Minister Gas Stove- MI-GR2022L

    Tk. 7,110
  • Minister Gas Stove- MI-SR1117

    Tk. 2,331
  • Minister Gas Stove- MI-SR1018

    Tk. 2,151
  • Minister 1.5 Liter Blender-LB-6002D

    Tk. 2,061
  • Minister 1.5 Liter Blender-LB-6001

    Tk. 2,691
  • 0% EMI Available

    Ozone Sterilizer Food Vegetable And Meat…

    Tk. 7,500

    Tk. 6,000

    20% OFF
  • Borenya Basket -BB-NL-01

    Tk. 280
  • Stainless Steel Shelf Organizer-Silver

    Tk. 945
  • Foot Brush Cleaning Sleeper-Green

    Tk. 650
  • Square Bathroom Shelf

    Tk. 340
  • Basket-BSH102

    Tk. 300
  • Basket-BSP102

    Tk. 336
  • Toothpaste Holder-02

    Tk. 340
  • Multi Functional Wire Box

    Tk. 395
  • Go Duster With 3 Duster Head-Green

    Tk. 699
  • Xiaomi MI Auto Foaming Hand Wash

    Tk. 2,650
  • LED Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Insect Tr…

    Tk. 450

    Tk. 428

    5% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    LG 25 Ltr NeoChef Microwave Oven-MS2595D…

    Tk. 15,450
  • 0% EMI Available

    LG 23 Ltr NeoChef Microwave Oven-MS2336G…

    Tk. 13,390

    Tk. 12,900

    4% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    LG 23 Ltr NeoChef Microwave Oven-MH6336G…

    Tk. 15,890

    Tk. 14,900

    6% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    LG 32 Ltr Convection Microwave Oven MC32…

    Tk. 25,500

    Tk. 23,500

    8% OFF

Items 1 to 60 of 2016 total

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Household electronics

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Electronic gadgets

Not all are oxygen capsules, expensive furniture that houses organic gardens or complex demotic controllers. There are 'gadgets' and home living accessories that can help us control our house. Popularize the smart home is one of the challenges of large manufacturers during this 2018. The problem is that modernize a home so you can interact with our mobile devices is not yet within reach of all budgets. Bagdoom offers simple devices that can help us turn our house into a smarter home. The devices are Portable electric air pump, led rechargeable light, weight scale, mini sewing machine, mosquito killing bat and so on. You can purchase many interesting electronics gadgets that make your daily life easier.

Household accessories

Household accessories are becoming easier to perform, or are performed much faster than a few decades ago. Without the household electronics accessories, your daily tasks become harder. To make your tasks easier Bagdoom has brought some products. The lightweight product such as salad dicer machine, non-electric portable sewing machine, portable water pump, mosquito eradication machine, digital room temperature meter, fix-it pro pen, clothes storage box and so on. Here you can also find the high-end product such as snake drill machine, glue gun, magic hose pipe, hot water tap with electric shower, multi-cutting tool, etc.

Cleaning products

Do you have to clean a difficult area of the house? How to remove the fat from the oven? Do you want to keep the crystals clean? There are many ways to clean and polish floors correctly, different methods suitable for each type of floor. The goal is to make them look extraordinarily clean and bright. The best way to achieve this is with the right tools which you find in Bagdoom. We need to clean the bathtub or shower after each use. So we will not have to kill us when we finally decide to do with toilet cleaner. There are more home cleaning tools in the list which need for us.

Daily needs products

When we think of best daily needs products in Bangladesh, the main ones that come to mind are the daily need. It is difficult to think what it would be like to live without these accessories in the present day, but it was not always the case. Some products we need daily. They are Bathroom shelves, corner shelves, body oil, bath soap, makeup remover soap, milk soap, toothbrush, soap dispenser, filter shower head, hand sanitizer, towel, tower rail, soap case, pillar cock tap, hose pipes and so on. All these products are available. Without the products, we can’t do our daily chores easily.

Other household accessories

Household accessories give you a family atmosphere because each of them has an importance and a reason to be there, right where you put them. Choosing a theme will help you make decisions about the colors, furniture, fabrics, and accessories that are a fundamental part of your home. You must take into account that the furniture is comfortable and the accessories that you will add properly complement your space. For example, a portable fan makes your room temperature low in summer. Small accessories in the bathroom like soap stand, magic pipe, colorful light, and more household electronics are very useful.


At the end of the productive process, these factors are reflected in the retail price. It is true that the price is one of the elements that we take into account when buying home appliance. Quality and energy efficiency are also important and take into account. The market for Bagdoom is wide, and we can find a wide variety of products and prices. Do not forget that the household electronics in Bangladesh also end up being decorative elements. Therefore, choose them in such a way that they are in harmony with the rest of the house.