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  • MP3 Player

    Tk. 150
  • Mini Mp3 Player With TF Card

    Tk. 120
  • Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker (1)

    Tk. 400

    Tk. 220

    45% OFF
  • Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    Tk. 400

    Tk. 220

    45% OFF
  • X03 16GB Mp4 Player FM -Black

    Tk. 2,500
  • T02 16GB Mp4 Player

    Tk. 2,500
  • T02 16GB Mp4 Player

    Tk. 2,500
  • Vision Soundbar- SB60

    Tk. 10,800

    Tk. 9,835

    9% OFF
  • Vision Soundbar- SB40

    Tk. 7,400

    Tk. 6,945

    6% OFF
  • Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver - Blac…

    Tk. 650

    Tk. 280

    57% OFF
  • EDIFIER R2730DB Studio 2.0 Monitor Speak…

    Tk. 22,000
  • Edifier E255 Surround Sound System

    Tk. 65,000
  • Edifier S550 Encore Speaker

    Tk. 65,000
  • Edifier R1800T III Speaker

    Tk. 12,000
  • Edifier S880DB Hi-Res Speaker

    Tk. 28,000
  • Edifier B7 Sound Bar

    Tk. 30,000
  • Edifier B3 Sound Bar

    Tk. 15,000
  • Edifier S50DB Sound Bar

    Tk. 22,000
  • Edifier S350DB Speaker

    Tk. 30,000
  • Remax RTS-10 Bluetooth Soundbar Home The…

    Tk. 13,500
  • WS-858 Wireless Microphone - Rose Gold

    Tk. 999

    Tk. 890

    11% OFF
  • Sony SN-650 Wireless Microphone

    Tk. 1,250

    Tk. 1,125

    10% OFF
  • Stylo Dynamic Microphone

    Tk. 849

    Tk. 646

    24% OFF
  • WS-858 Wireless Microphone - Rose Gold

    Tk. 805
  • Mini Metal Clip MP3 Player

    Tk. 119
  • Bluetooth Music Receiver

    Tk. 280
  • A4tech Hs-19 Comfort Stereo Headphone

    Tk. 750
  • A4 Tech HS-30 Comport Stereo Headphone

    Tk. 750
  • Remax Voice Recorder 8GB 32 Hour Record

    Tk. 2,590
  • Bluetooth Music Receiver and MP3 Player …

    Tk. 550
  • Combo-4 ( Digital mini MP3 Player + AKG …

    Tk. 199
  • UGREEN Type C to HDMI Cable 1.5M-50570

    Tk. 2,400
  • USB-C to HDMI+VGA Converter Aluminum Cas…

    Tk. 2,750
  • UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank with Type C C…

    Tk. 2,650
  • UGREEN USB 2.0 External Stereo Sound Ada…

    Tk. 1,400
  • UGREEN Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver A…

    Tk. 1,750
  • Bee bee Mouth Organ with 10 holes Mouth …

    Tk. 580
  • AKG Earphone

    Tk. 120

    Tk. 99

    18% OFF
  • Wireless Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver …

    Tk. 799
  • Creative SBS E2800 Speaker

    Tk. 3,550
  • Creative SBS E2400 Speaker

    Tk. 2,900
  • Creative Basic SBS A120 Speaker

    Tk. 1,800
  • Creative SBS A60 Speaker

    Tk. 950
  • Creative SBS A35 Speaker

    Tk. 900
  • Microlab H600 Piano Coating 5.1 Tower Sp…

    Tk. 28,200
  • Microlab Solo9C 2.0 High Fidelity Floor …

    Tk. 19,500
  • Microlab FC 360 (5:1) 100 Watt RMS Home …

    Tk. 12,500
  • Microlab FC 730 5.1 surround subwoofer S…

    Tk. 10,400
  • Microlab FC 360 (2.1) 54 Watt RMS

    Tk. 6,700
  • Microlab M800 2:1 Speaker

    Tk. 3,550
  • Microlab M-590 2.1 Speaker

    Tk. 2,600
  • Microlab M-300 2.1 Speaker

    Tk. 2,600
  • Microlab M-223 (2.1) Subwoofer Speaker

    Tk. 2,400
  • Microlab M-111 2.1 Speaker

    Tk. 2,239

    Tk. 2,150

    4% OFF
  • Microlab M-105R 2.1 multimedia speaker

    Tk. 1,850
  • Microlab M-108 Multimedia Speaker

    Tk. 1,610
  • Microlab M-100 2:1 Speaker

    Tk. 1,550
  • Logitech Z906 5.1 Speaker

    Tk. 32,999
  • Logitech G560 LIGHTSYNC PC Gaming Speake…

    Tk. 19,500
  • Logitech Surround Sound Z623 2:1 Speaker

    Tk. 13,500

Items 1 to 60 of 903 total

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Technological advancement gives the opportunity to have electronic new products of musical instruments shop in Bangladesh. With the development of science and technology, new inventions have come. It gives us access to new products. This allows marketers to bring new products. Furthermore, proactive marketers keep advancing themselves with the advancement of science and technology. Such type of e-commerce site is Here you can get varieties of products including music products.

Musical Instruments Shop in Bangladesh

Why Choose Music Electronics? Because Bagdoom ensures the best deal of products. It’s a place of reliable products. It collects products from only branded quality. Like Samsung, Remax, Bose, Awei and more branded musical instruments shop in Bangladesh. So not have to worry much about quality to buy music accessories online bd. At the same time, you will get the high-quality musical instrument with warranty given. It may differ from product to product. Also, you can enjoy discounts and offers from different brands and offers. You can also enjoy 24/7 customer service.

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In, there are various types of music products of all kinds, sizes, and species. Who wants portable can also get here. sales of high-quality music products, Including Bluetooth wireless headphone, red earphone, mini Bluetooth headset price in Bangladesh, mini Bluetooth wireless in-ear headset, zipper headphone, Bluetooth mono headset, portable mini USB speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Pepsican multimedia speaker, Digital voice recorder, mini wireless Bluetooth speaker, mini tripod with phone holder and Etc. Also, you will get all trendy collections of music products. Fit to fulfill different demands and budgets.

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A new segment of the outcome of technology ensures environment friendliness. A product relating to music provides clarity and excellent quality of music. Besides the portable Use of sound system bd possible anywhere in the gym, park, shopping. Portability adds extra features of musical instruments shop in Bangladesh. It makes thing convenient to use. Though maybe size is small, the output is excellent. You can bear this mini version of music equipment. Besides, it consumes deficient power. So not have to worry much about the battery used. It is another advantage of this music equipment.

Besides wireless feature, it makes this music product more convenient to use. No panic of plugging and unplugging.The sound quality is soothing. It is another benefit of advanced technological products of People can use it in office presentation, for a family picnic. The music equipment capable of playing music that loud will reach to all. Installation is pretty easy. Moreover, technical expertise is not much necessary. Also, they are easy to use. Music equipment has other features like cheap. On the other hand, they are trendy design. Even many colors are available to match demand. Enough battery life, sound efficiency is part of the feature. Technical quality, usability for long-term are the main highlights.

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