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  • PSP Classic Handheld Gaming 8GB with 100…

    Tk. 4,000

    Tk. 2,499

    38% OFF
  • Baseus Joysticks Joypad

    Tk. 1,100

    Tk. 499

    55% OFF
  • PUBG Wireless W11+ Gamepad Remote Contro…

    Tk. 700

    Tk. 349

    50% OFF
  • R11 Phone Gamepad Trigger

    Tk. 450

    Tk. 199

    56% OFF
  • PUBG Gaming Trigger L1/R1 - White and Re…

    Tk. 350

    Tk. 170

    51% OFF
  • Wooden Chess Board Small 123802

    Tk. 1,090
  • Wooden Chess Board Small 123803

    Tk. 890
  • Magnetic Chess Board Large 123804

    Tk. 1,290
  • Magnetic Chess Board Medium 126957

    Tk. 890
  • Magnetic Chess Board Small 126454

    Tk. 590
  • R11 Phone Gamepad Trigger for PUBG

    Tk. 400

    Tk. 199

    50% OFF
  • PUBG Metal Trigger

    Tk. 450

    Tk. 120

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  • Joystick Game Pad Phone Holder Cooler Fa…

    Tk. 1,200

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  • PUBG Mobile & Other Game Controller

    Tk. 700

    Tk. 299

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  • Portable Game pad - JL-01

    Tk. 850

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  • PUBG Trigger - Black

    Tk. 200

    Tk. 80

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  • PUBG Mobile Game Controller Triggers

    Tk. 400

    Tk. 85

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  • S3 6 Button Iron Man Gaming Mouse -G1014…

    Tk. 1,299
  • Redragon Karura Keyboard-K502

    Tk. 2,880

19 Item(s)

All Ages Favourite Game and Games Accessories at Bagdoom Website

It is hard to find who doesn’t love to play virtual games in Bangladesh. Like other western countries our generation also very much fond of games. Even kids play games on MOM’S smartphone. There are many supermarkets, the online shop who sell gaming products. On this website, our loving game customer can find their preferable gaming accessories. 

We have all type of gaming according to age as well as essential parts of the games. So, anyone can see the important accessories or can get the latest game here. We have a huge collection of all gaming DVDs, fidgets, toys, etc.

The Latest Gaming and Toys Sell here

Well was known brand has displayed their gaming materials. Before purchase, you can select the type which one you want. There is three option such as DVDs, accessories, and toys. So, clicking on any of the options will take you to the particular section directly. Now have a look at the collection of games in Bangladesh:


Spinner is the most popular toys among kids too young age people. Every age people are very fond of this toys. You can have many types of spinner here. The common plastic spinner is available here. But you want something different we have the outstanding collection as well.

Some are metal made and exceptional design. Some light up and plays music during spinning. The multi-function spinner needs extra charge. However, the price is starting from sixty to around fifteen hundred.

Gaming DVD

Who like to play the game on the computer and looking for the latest games can have a view on this site. We have a lot of collection of gaming DVD such as adventure, thriller, action, mysterious and many more. Some are animated from based on the blockbuster movie.

Some are sports games DVD football or cricket for the sports lover. Anyone male or female can find according to their choice. The prices vary depending on the genre and demand of the DVD. The cost will be each for two thousand to above four thousand.

Computer Hardware

Many types of computer hardware are also available such as a keyboard, CPU, sound box, Headphone, mouse, air cooler, etc. Our modern generation prefers something exceptional among their accessories always. So, thinking of the valuable customer demand the branding company is providing the exclusive product. Everyone will like them.

The headphone with extra volume power and the keyboard, mouse, has led light that gives different looks. The air cooler can be needed while operating the devices for a long time. The price of the accessories from ten thousand to forty thousand.

Game Controller

The game controller or remote are the essential items for playing the game on TV. Some prefer to play in the game on TV. So, they need the remote to control the animated object. There are many wireless gaming remotes you can choose the best one for you. Some you can connect to your handset device as well. This remote will be from two thousand or above. But some are less than two thousand.

Logitech Gaming Wheel

Logitech gaming wheel specially designed to customize the racing games. Once you play with this exceptional Logitech wheel, you won’t want to play with a remote controller.