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  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Systems WAP371 Dual Radio 802.11ac…

    Tk. 15,000
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Systems WAP121 Single Radio 802.11…

    Tk. 6,500
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Systems GLC-LH-SMD= Transceiver Mo…

    Tk. 22,000
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Systems MGBSX1 Gigabit SX Mini-GBI…

    Tk. 9,000
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Systems Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Base…

    Tk. 9,000
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco 350X Series Stackable Managed Swit…

    Tk. 145,500
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Small Business 300 Series Managed …

    Tk. 23,500
  • 0% EMI Available

    Cisco Small Business 110 Series Unmanage…

    Tk. 7,500
  • Cisco SF95D-08 8-Port 10/100 Desktop Swi…

    Tk. 1,350
  • Tenda Wireless N300 Ceiling Access Point…

    Tk. 4,599

    Tk. 4,300

    7% OFF
  • Tenda PoE Injector POE30G-AT

    Tk. 2,099

    Tk. 1,800

    14% OFF
  • Tenda 10/100Mbps PoE Injector POE15F

    Tk. 1,399

    Tk. 1,150

    18% OFF
  • Tenda 9-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch W…

    Tk. 5,000

    Tk. 4,500

    10% OFF
  • Tenda 8-port Ethernet Switch S108

    Tk. 799

    Tk. 700

    12% OFF
  • Tenda N300 in-wall Wireless Access Point…

    Tk. 4,499

    Tk. 4,200

    7% OFF
  • Tenda A18 Extender Boost AC1200 WiFi for…

    Tk. 3,090

    Tk. 2,800

    9% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Tenda MW6 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

    Tk. 18,000

    Tk. 16,500

    8% OFF
  • Tenda 4G630 3G/4G Wireless N300 Router

    Tk. 2,350

    Tk. 2,200

    6% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Tenda AC15 AC1900 Smart Dual-Band Gigabi…

    Tk. 8,500

    Tk. 8,250

    3% OFF
  • 0% EMI Available

    Tenda AC9 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit…

    Tk. 5,750

    Tk. 5,350

    7% OFF
  • Tenda AC6 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band Wireles…

    Tk. 3,699

    Tk. 3,441

    7% OFF
  • Tenda AC5 AC1200 Smart Dual-Band WiFi Ro…

    Tk. 2,899

    Tk. 2,650

    9% OFF
  • Tenda FH1202 High Power Wireless AC1200 …

    Tk. 4,299

    Tk. 4,050

    6% OFF
  • Tenda F9 600M Whole-Home Coverage Wi-Fi…

    Tk. 2,750

    Tk. 2,500

    9% OFF
  • Tenda FH456 Wireless-N 300Mbps Router

    Tk. 2,199

    Tk. 2,050

    7% OFF
  • Tenda F3 300Mbps Wireless Router

    Tk. 1,499

    Tk. 1,305

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  • Tenda N301 Wireless N300 Easy Setup Rout…

    Tk. 1,199

    Tk. 1,056

    12% OFF

27 Item(s)

Buy best laptops, computers, and accessories in Bangladesh from

Nowadays, PCs or laptops are a perfect tool for what to do every day. It is no longer a luxury of a few, but as technology has advanced. We have required going hand in hand with it. Such is the case of the internet. One cannot be separated from the other. This has helped us each time we need to stay connected through our computers or laptops. In Bagdoom, you can find the best laptops, computers, and accessories as you need.

Best laptops and computer accessories in Bangladesh

For each type of person, there is an appropriate computer model or at least one that fits your professional or daily needs. For example, some elements will vary, of which you will require maybe more capacity or better quality and performance.

Desktop & PC

Desktop PC associates it as something big, something loud and very slow. If you leave the shopping centers aside and you go to a decent store, you will see that that does not exist anymore. With the technology boom, even the smallest computers can offer you a great performance. The cooling system is vital for the computer to work optimally and at the highest level. In most cases, the cooling is carried out by the heat sinks and fans.

Computer Accessories

Once you are quite clear which parts and components you are going to use in your brand new computer, the most fun, exciting and satisfying part comes: mount the PC yourself. Our most recent shopping guide had a very special component of PCs by pieces: the graphics card. The third key element when assembling a PC in pieces is RAM. Choose a high-quality mouse with good range ppi. In Bagdoom, you can purchase every accessory from your home.


Evident, where everything you do with your computer is displayed. For normal use, a screen between 15 or 17 inches is fine. In the case of laptops, material and size are important. They influence the power and performance of the machine, since to a greater extent, better heat dissipation. People can wisely monitor as television in Bangladesh.

Hard Drive

It is the space dedicated to storage. Like RAM, the greater the amount of GB, the greater capacity you will have to store your files. As it is to emphasize, everything depends on the use that you give him and of what you are going to file. 300 or 500 GB may be enough, but if you love downloading music, taking photos and recording videos by the bunch, at some point, you will need more space. An alternative to this is the use of external hard drives. Acquire one of 500 GB or 1 TB.

Printer & Photocopier

When choosing the printer for home, the price should be the element of the decision once I have selected several models that meet our main needs. You should look at before buying a printer has to do with the printing technology, cost of each page, speed, size, functionality and even the type of connectivity. When buying a photocopier, we must take into account several aspects since the most expensive photocopier or even the highest quality will not necessarily be the best option for your business or office.

Other accessories

It is essential that the equipment is purchased contain several inputs to USB ports, HDMI, memory card reader. It could also include Bluetooth and of course, WiFi. Certain accessories such as the camera and the microphone are also important. All accessories are available in the bagdoom online shop in Bangladesh.

Final words,

A PC is a machine formed by several components that work in simple harmony. Desktop computers still give many advantages over laptops. For this reason, we will help you to buy the best laptops, computers, and accessories in Bangladesh according to your needs.