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Exclusive Eid Collection in Bangladesh 2019 Shop Online at

Eid is an Arabic word which means happiness. Eid Ul Fitr means the festival of breaking the fast. After Fasting one month of Ramadan Eid Ul Fitr comes. Eid is a joyous festival. Everyone enjoys this festival more than any other festival. Eid comes twice in the year, but people stay excited for Eid Ul Fitr the most. Eid is a celebration, and people need new clothes and everything new to celebrate.

EID Collection in Bangladesh has its vast collection for Eid Ul Fitr 2019. We have various collection of Mens, Womens, and Kids fashion, clothing, accessories, and more collection. Also, people will get new collections of Jewellery, online Makeup, Accessories & Etc. Let’s have a look at this year’s of Bagdoom Eid collection in Bangladesh.

Men's Eid Collections

This year’s Eid is in summer. It’s preferred to not to wear too heavy so that it causes trouble. Cotton, Linen, Half Silk, Muslin, Light Weighted Georgette attire matches perfectly with festivals. Men's in the house will go for Eid prayer in the morning. Cotton or linen Panjabi, t-shirt eid collection in Bangladesh. the shirt can be a perfect choice for the morning. Light colored such as White, Sky blue, Grass Green, Peach, etc colors are preferable for the morning. Cotton Panjabi range at Bagdoom starts from 1250tk to onwards. For daytime men can switch to Shirt or T-shirt for outings. Cotton panjabi is also a good option. Formal Shirt, Semi-Formal Shirt, Polo T-shirt are available in the Eid Collection bd 2019. Price starts from TK> 882 to onwards. As its Eid, the nightwear should be gorgeous. Half Silk, Muslin, Digital printed cotton panjabi is perfect for nightwear. Most of the invitations of Eid occurs at night. To carry the best look this kind of gorgeous attire can be worn. This kind of Panjabi range starts from 1450tk to onwards. Those who are a brand freak can look for affiliated brands at Bagdoom for a better option.

Women's Eid Collections

Every attire collection gets more enlightened when Women’s couture arrives. Women have the most versatile and unique collections. didn’t forget to do injustice with their collection. From low range to high range, from random collection to brands all kinds of the collection is available. Comfort comes before styling. Then again, a woman can do both with the attire. As Eid is in summer, cotton and linen dresses are ongoing in this year’s collection. From Salwar kameez to Western outfit, cotton is preferable. Other than that, Half Silk, Silk, Muslin, Jamdani, Georgette, Chiffon is still on this Eid. For the morning, women can wear anything in Cotton and linen. Guests start arriving from the morning. For welcoming them a new dress is a must-have. For the daytime invitation, they can wear something in half silk or silk. A light weighted saree or Salwar Kameez can go for that time. To embrace the joyous moment friends get a different place in our heart. To meet and greet them kurti, tops and dresses can be a perfect choice. Trendy Kurtis, Western tops can be worn with Jeans, leggings or churidar Salwar. As it’ll be evening, these kinda dresses are always ongoing. Eid nighttime invitations are always gorgeous. Women present their best at night. For nighttime, Silk, Muslin, Jamdani, Georgette, Chiffon clothes are a perfect choice. The price range of Salwar Kameez starts From 499 to onwards at online eid bazar. Saree price starts from 1499tk to onwards at an online eid shopping mall. For different options, there are vast collections of affiliated brands at

Kids Eid Collection

Never forget your little one on this occasion. They stay happy the most on Eid. As Eid is a joyous festival, they make the festival more joyous. Make sure of their comfort first. As they have the tendency to ruin dresses, it’s better to wear something in cotton which can be washed easily. Children get tired easily because of their mischievous behavior. Wearing something heavy isn’t a good option for them. While buying their clothes, keep in mind about their comfort, physique, how they’ll carry. Cotton, Linen, light weighted Georgette clothes are better for them. has an eid collection in Bangladesh of kids wear. Also, affiliated brands have various type of kid’s collection.

Men's, Women's & Kids Accessories Collections

You’re not done buying dress only. Accessories make the shopping fulfilled. Bags, Shoes, Wallet, Watch, Belt, Tie, etc are needed. Clutch, purse, Western bags are perfect for any kinds of womenswear. Purse goes better with Salwar Kameez and Western wear. Clutch and Western bags look more convenient with Saree. Heels, platform heels, wedges, etc shoes are better with eid saree bd and Salwar Kameez. Flat shoes, snickers look convenient with Western wear. Slippers, Chappal looks cool with Panjabi. Belt, tie, shoes are for formal wear. Never forget your wallet to keep all your Eid Salami safe. Watches eid collection in Bangladesh always gives you a cool look with every attire. Different types of watches make the look more sophisticated.

Jewelry and Perfume Eid Collection

Women’s makeover looks incomplete without jewelry. Earrings, rings, Bangles, nose pin, pendant set, etc are must-have for every girl's wardrobe. Perfume is called as second attire after dress. Going without perfume can be embarrassing sometimes. There are lots of collection of jewelry and perfume at at a reasonable price.

Makeup and Skincare Eid Collection

Let’s find a girl who doesn’t do makeup. Well, yes, we failed. Every girl loves makeup and has a minimum collection of makeup on their dressing table. From foundation to highlighter, everything has in Eid Collection at Before you buy any base makeup, make sure you buy the perfect match of your skin tone. After the destroy you did on your skin with makeup, it’s time for skincare. After makeup, it’s important to clean your skin so that you don’t get any pimples. Applying any mask or face pack heals your skin and gradually it gets better. Lots of skincare eid collection in Bangladesh products are available at

Here’s the brief for 2019’s Eid Collection and trend. Buy your perfect attire and steal the spotlight from everyone.