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APICTA Award 2019 | Bagdoom Got an Opportunity To Participate

Bagdoom Participant of Apicta Award 2019

APICTA Award 2019

Before cheering for one of the biggest achievements of Bagdoom, you should know what APICTA award is about. Asia Pacific ICT Alliance is an alliance of national ICT organizations that represents their respective economy to build and enhance a mutually cooperative network to promote ICT, enhance technology innovations, capability, and adoption, and encourage the development of indigenous ICT solutions for the global market. Now he question might rise how ICT impacts on our day to day life.

The answer is that ICT creates a strong impact in our social and professional life where we communicate and live every other day. It emphasizes on economic and entrepreneurial growth for wealth creation in our economy. As ICT has become the support system if we look at economic growth’s agenda where it works as a fast-growing, extensive and ubiquitous activity and industry, APICTA Award 2019 brings our economies under one platform and incorporates to collaborate with each other.

Speaking of Bagdoom, it has always worked hard for the development of Youth as termed as “Bagdoom Generation” to represent their stories as well as concern about their daily necessities. If Bagdoom is taken back to its background history, it was previously known as back in 2010 which is now shaped like the new form of Bagdoom. Regardless of talking about best online shopping experience in Bagdoom, it has also established a greater space of our online market in Bangladesh so far. In addition to that, it is also collaborated with international brands as well as local brands to achieve one of the top leading lifestyle e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh.

For its unstoppable effort and persistent work to reach the ultimate goal, Bagdoom was highly honored to receive an eminent award in Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) National ICT Awards 2019 held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital. BASIS National ICT Awards is an annual program of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and it has been organizing since 2017. The prime motto of the BASIS National ICT Awards is to provide recognition to outstanding achievements of individuals, students, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and organizations.

This annual Awards program creates a bridge for individuals and companies to gain local, regional and international exposure through on-going promotional activities, and through participation at the international Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards). This is a great knock of opportunity for them to flourish and showcase their hard work in an ideal environment. Winners of the BASIS National ICT Awards will represent Bangladesh at the annual International APICTA Award 2019.

 This award-giving ceremony is the third time occurred in Bangladesh in a row. There were 35 categories, based on which 105 were awarded at the ceremony and the awardees were nominated for APICTA Award 2019.  Bagdoom has been ensuring the development and market deployment of our economy to come up with indigenous products jute bag in Bangladesh, solutions, services and much more since the day of its establishment. As being said about its continuous endeavor towards building a bright nation, their recent innovation of “Krishti”, the first rural female entrepreneur-based e-commerce platform in Bangladesh, has become a recent highlight in our economy.

Krishti has drastically built a successful platform for women entrepreneurs to flourish their dreams, passion, and hobbies. This project is one of the unique innovations taken by Bagdoom where it takes people to embrace their culture and remember our national crops by which the handmade crafts are made.  As Jute, the golden fiber of handicraft in Bangladesh has become anachronistic and non-existent in our culture nowadays, Bagdoom has rejuvenated its existence once more in our E-commerce and handicraft industry which is no less than a blessing. Not only that, Bagdoom has also contributed to waking up women’s unfulfilled dreams and existing passion through which women have started seeing hopes to earn their livelihood for reducing poverty.

To conclude, the utmost innovation of Bagdoom was meant to receive a prestigious award that Bagdoom was able to achieve in National ICT Award 2019. However, The APICTA Awards 2019 will be held in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam on November 18-23 as said by the minister of State for Information and Communications Technology, Junaid Ahmed Palk.